Sunday Streaming:: La Malediction De Cathy!

Zoinks! It’s sunday again and I forgot to write another Sunday Streaming! That’s two in a row! Last weekend the weather was so nice I just had to stay in bed and read and this weekend I have to reinforce Irish stereotypes by drinking beer! Oh well, what is writing anyway except yapping for eyeballs? I’m over it. The one thing I did view this week was CATHY’s CURSE in Spanish! La malediction de Cathy! In fact I watched it right next to the English version on my laptop so that I could spot the differences! Isn’t that a sad thing? The Spanish version is longer thanks to scenes of people glueing things back together and making breakfast but look at the color! I’ve only ever seen CATHY’S CURSE all orange and green and public domain-y! This version is so pretty it makes me want to move to Canada! For some reason I also made a CATHY’S CURSE lunchbox for my own amusement. Now it’s coming in handy. My work ethic is for the birds. Don’t watch this movie! Go outside! It’s nice out there!

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