Sunday Streaming:: One Dark Night (1982)

You’ll never catch me disparaging PG-rated horror films because that would be like slapping good ol’ ONE DARK NIGHT (1982) right in the kisser and I would never do that because I have to live with myself. ONE DARK NIGHT is one of the first horror movies that this once budding fright fan got to see in an actual theater rather than on TV and so it holds a special place in my mausoleum of a heart. I remember being grateful for its less restrictive rating because it meant that I could check it out without the worry of being humiliatingly dejected at the door to the delight of my scowling, satin-jacket clad, toothbrush-gnawing peers.

As it turned out, I totally related to the teenage shenanigans on screen; I found it truly suspenseful and could not get enough of the morbid special effects. I can think of a zillion R-rated horror flicks that are not nearly as creative or engaging. Director TOM McLOUGHLIN went on to direct one of the best FRIDAY THE 13TH installments (PART IV: JASON LIVES), star MEG TILLY went on to the excellent PSYCHO II, scene stealer ELIZABETH DAILY went on to steal PEE WEE HERMAN’s heart and sing the greatest song ever, “Mind Over Matter” and I went on to write this old review HERE. ONE DARK NIGHT is currently unavailable on DVD so don’t be left out, watch it below…

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ozne (@ozne)
6 years ago

I’m glad I picked up the Double Disc Special Edition DVD when it came out. I see it’s selling for over $40 now.

Who wouldn’t love a horror movie with a mausoleum in it? Despite being underrated, it’s a fun watch that transports me back to one of the best decades for horror. Thanks unk.

crabbymoon (@crabbymoon)
6 years ago

I love this movie. I went to see it twice when it was first released. The dvd also has a copy (from a vhs tape) of the director’s cut. Actually, it’s more of a rough cut with no music. Too bad the producers changed the ending, the original has a nice little twist.