Sunday Streaming:: Satan’s Little Helper (2004)

Here’s a heads up! Next Saturday (the 26th) at the Alamo Drafthouse in Yonkers they’re going to be showing SATAN’S LITTLE HELPER! Director JEFF (SQUIRM/JUST BEFORE DAWN) LIEBERMAN is going to be there too! It’s the perfect time of year for such a thing! If you can’t make it because you live too far away don’t fret! The Halloween-centric SATAN’S LITTLE HELPER is on Netflix streaming! More on the Alamo Drafthouse showing HERE and read my dusty old recycled review HERE!

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8 years ago

I found the boy super annoying but Satan manage to save the movie.

There’s a bar in Alphabet city that projects cult films onto the brick wall across the street. I remember seeing “Billy Jack” while hanging out on the corner.

Good for the Alamo. I hope this becomes a trend.