Sunday Streaming:: The House on Sorority Row (1983)

Isn’t it sad that, once upon a time, I had to visit several video shops before I found a joint that carried THE HOUSE ON SORORITY ROW and even then, I could only dream of renting it rather than owning a copy of my very own? Boy, have times changed. These days you can watch it for FREE on HULU with your gay spouse! As the great YAKOV SMIRNOFF once said, “What a Country!” It’s no secret that I love me some SORORITY ROW because I said so back HERE and I even got extra geeky and made fake sequel posters that are stored over HERE. If you’ve never seen it before there may be something seriously wrong with you, so get on the right side of history and check it out below!

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Caffeinated Joe
7 years ago

Watched again a week or so ago with the wife. Still a great classic of the genre. Going to give the remake a rewatch soon, too. I remember it being okay, as far as remakes go.