Sunday Viewing:: Dagon (2001)

Awww drat, I had a super special Sunday Streaming planned for today but I didn’t get it done in time! All I have prepared is just a big pile of scrambled incoherent spaghetti words and it’ll take me far too long to unscramble all the rat tail sentences I spewed. I’m sorry. I’ll spotlight the movie in question later. In the meantime, we’ll just have to watch something else today. Hey, did you know that I love fish people and that DAGON is on HULU? It’s true so lets watch that. I suppose I did spotlight this particular title for Sunday Streaming BACK HERE but that was when it was on Netflix. This time we’re talking HULU so it’s as free as a fish in the sea or a rat whose tail isn’t tied to a big mess of other tails. So DAGON it is. I love this movie, plus now I can just steal an image from an old post and take a nap in air conditioning.

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The Knitting Cinephile

Okay, I gotta admit I liked Dagon. The Castillan accents, the smashing of religious idols … you can almost smell the mildew of this place. It’s probably one of the better Lovecraftian flicks.