Sunday Viewing :: Grizzly 2: The Concert (1983)

Don’t feel bad if you don’t have the patience to watch this unfinished work print of the ill-fated sequel to 1976’s GRIZZLY in its entirety; I know I didn’t! I gotta feature it here for Sunday viewing anyway on account of it so blows my mind. You see, poor GRIZZLY 2: Grizzly On The Move never got a break and ended up in a trash heap even though its jaw-droppy cast would have eventually insured it some kind of cult classic if it had only been finished and released in some way. Seriously, this concert attending bear hangs out with DEBORAHs (RAFFIN and FOREMAN), LOUISE FLETCHER, LAURA DERN, GEORGE CLOONEY, CHARLIE SHEEN and even HALLOWEEN’s CHARLES CYPHERS! What in tarnation? The mind reels!

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7 years ago

good lord. i had to quickly skim through and now i know “you take the milk from the coconut” by Toto Coelo. i somehow missed that in my teen years.