The Curse of Bigfoot

If you're experiencing Bigfoot mania and you want it to end immediately, just watch THE CURSE OF BIGFOOT. Not only will you find yourself losing your appetite for the hairy beast but also for movies in general and perhaps even life itself. For me, it actually brought back memories of having to watch sleep inducing educational films in junior high school, and for that I can never forgive it. In fact, most of the movie involves a class lecture that never seems to end. I knew watching this movie so soon after seeing the incredible NIGHT OF THE DEMON was akin to going on a blind date right after meeting the person of my dreams, but I was willing to give it a fair shake anyway. Well let me tell you, if CURSE was a blind date it would be the type that you slam your door on after first glance.

I tried to be patient when Bigfoot showed up in the beginning wearing an obvious paper-maché mask. I even withstood the not quite amusing tale about two hillbillies encountering the beast in the woods. Then, mid-way through the film, a crazy lecturer appears out of nowhere to tell his own not even slightly harrowing tale. His story is actually a film made ten years earlier that's been tacked on to fill in CURSE's running time. Watching a completely different movie should be a relief, but the film he relays is TEENAGERS BATTLE THE THING; it involves a mummy in a cave and it's actually worse than the film we're already suffering through. (They were able to get the same guy from that much earlier picture to play the part of the dude who is boring the class, so kudos for that).

I suppose this movie could be fun if you are a masochist and I guess the idea of seeing two movies scotch-taped together is slightly intriguing, but in this case, the novelty is short lived. You all stand warned; if you're looking for anything resembling a good time, you're better off just walking over and opening your refrigerator and peering inside. There is sure to be more going on in there, and it's definitely going on at a much faster pace. Trust me NIGHT OF THE DEMON, what happened between me and THE CURSE OF BIGFOOT was meaningless!

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15 years ago

I saw this on TV when I was about 6. I liked it, but remember, I was only 6.

Jeff Allard
15 years ago

I must've watched this as a kid (if it played in theaters, I bet my mother took me to see it) but I have no distinct memories of it. I was a nut for Bigfoot, though, and I keep hoping that one day he'll get the big screen treatment he deserves.