Bigfoot (1970)

If one Sasquatch monster per film is not enough for you, than 1970’s BIGFOOT has your back. In this movie we find a whole clan of Bigfoot monsters running about, terrorizing a small town. Much like the fish monsters from HUMANOIDS FROM THE DEEP, these dudes only have one thing on their primitive minds, interbreeding with human ladies to populate their dwindling race. (We know that this type of inter-species whoopee has been successful in the past because there is a little Bigfoot/human hybrid helping them out).

One day the monsters kidnap a chick who happens to be the girlfriend of a member of a motorcycle gang that’s passing through town and all types of hell breaks loose. Unbeknownst to the Sasquatch tribe, they have started a gang war! In order to preserve the lifestyle they have grown accustomed to, which consists of raping ladies by day and wrestling bears and mountain lions at night, the Bigfoot clan must defend their turf from the not threatening in the least motorcycle gang.

BIGFOOT, a certifiable mess with the most unconvincing sets this side of GILLIGAN’S ISLAND, at least knows how to have a little fun. Bikinis, funky music and motorcycles go a long way in hypnotizing the viewer into ignoring small details like the fact that you have to actually light dynamite to make it explode. JOHN CARADINE and, count ’em, two MITCHUMS (JOHN AND CHRISTOPHER) are on hand to ease some of the pain, but me thinks the film makers were relying mostly on the voluptuous talents of JOI LANSING to carry the audience through the film. I have to admit there is dopey fun to be had in this showdown for species dominance, but as usual I think I was routing for the wrong team’s victory. One thing is undebatable, the sasquatch were not the most alarming inhabits of this film.

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Amanda By Night
14 years ago

If you haven’t guessed, I like my movies a little on the crude side. This sounds awesome and is a must see for me now!!! Thanks for the heads up!!!