Kinder-News :: Chucky Takes Manhattan

Thanks to WIL over at the ever informative HORROR YEARBOOK for pointing our attention to this more than a little bit disturbing promotion for the 20th anniversary addition of CHILD’S PLAY on DVD. More evidence that when you prefer your horror news in a timely manner, HORROR YEARBOOK is your first stop! More HERE.

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aunt john
14 years ago

Chucky and his crew also cut the rug at Jessica Simpson’s Good Morning America appearance. (NOTE: You might want to mute your computer before following the link so as to avoid hearing Simpson’s caterwaul).

14 years ago

I’m confused. How did the gig? Was Jessica Simpson helping them promote the video???? Cuz the Chuckys KNEW she was gonna be there – they had a CHUCKY LOVES JESSICA sign! (Funny, I always thought Chuckie would be more into MINISTRY or MEGADETH or something like that!) When I think Of Chucky “Jessica Simpson” is not the first thought to pop into my mind.

Amanda By Night
14 years ago

I saw this the other day. It’s a really cute promotion actually… Ah, Chucky. He’s an official icon! That warms my heart.

14 years ago

Chucky has never bothered me one way or the other, but my brother (who is 21) is terrified of him! He doesn’t even like to go into video stores for fear of seeing the Child’s Play movie box. I once watched the movie on TV and my brother hid in his bedroom the whole time. I’m not telling him about this parade because he would scratch Manhattan off his travel list. :-/