The Devil’s Rain Funhouse

Heaven help you find the ten differences in these two posters!

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10 years ago

I’m doing this on my phone so I can’t see the details too well.

1. Apostrophe is missing in “Devil’s”.

2. A line was added by Borgnine’s left elbow.

3. Head is missing from figure at the bottom right.

4. The guy with the hat had his head pasted over the head of the man behind him.

5. The man on the slab has an extra cut across is chest.

10 years ago

For number 5, I should’ve said the he had another piece of rope tied over his chest.

6. Hooded man at the lower right had his right hand reversed.

7. Man on the slab also has his right foot missing.

8. The guy lying supine to the left a quarter of the way up from the bottom is missing his staff or stick.

That’s it for me. This was tough.