The Gate

the gate
Glenn (a young STEPHEN DORFF), his pal Terry and his big sister “Al” (CHRISTA DENTON from NOT MY KID) are shouldering some new found responsibility, not only are they spending the weekend sans guardians, but they’ve also accidentally, through a string of missteps that include bloodletting, animal sacrifice and incantation, kinda-sorta opened the doorway to hell. That doorway is a bad thing cuz the creeps who plan to use it are “the old ones” — ancient Lovecrafty monsters that used to inhabit our world and are itching to get it back. (Thankfully Terry is a metal head and got a heads up by playing an LP backwards.) Can they close THE GATE and save the planet from an eternity of darkness? Well it’s either that or re-title the picture DON’T TELL MOM THE WHOLE WORLD IS DEAD! This fun nostalgic romp will instantly bring you back to the time of first sleepovers complete with basement wreck rooms, flashlights, ghost stories and levitation experiments. Brimming with some of the most creative special effects ever put to screen, it’s easy to overlook the script’s earnest attempts to tackle its characters less fantastic dilemmas. Terry has lost his mother recently and siblings Glen and Al’s age difference is coming into play. An awkward time is perfectly captured as big sis Al throws away her dolls in exchange for trips to the mall, and Glen is left fending for himself and sweating the mortality of the family dog. These psychological demons are battled alongside miniature imp creatures, a relentless zombie and an enormous kraken-like overlord beast that tears through the house. Unabashedly soft-hearted (love saves the day), THE GATE is still no slouch when it comes to the gore, and you simply have not lived until you’ve seen somebody stabbed in the eye with a Barbie doll leg!


  • Dead mom turns into dead dog
  • Bumpy moving walls and the hands under the bed
  • The parents return evil… “YOU’VE BEEN BAD!
  • Terry falls into the gate, imps attack his leg
  • Terry’s made up story about a construction worker being stuck in the wall becomes real
  • Giant demon breaks through the living room floor!
  • Weapon of choice? Toy rocket!
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15 years ago

F*ck yeah! Love this movie. I have been watching this movie since i was 5 and when i was about 10 i discovered part 2 thats equally as cool and freaky. I think the scariest part of part 1, that traumatized me for life was the dead dog!
Oh and something that makes me laught hysterically everytime i watch it is when Terry steps on one of the creatures and he squirms!

12 years ago

That film really creeped me out, I was about 12 when I saw it and thought I shouldn’t be scared by a KIDS’ film – but that guy falling out of the wall, and is there an eye in the palm of a hand or similar? I’ve got the VHS at home so I’ll have to dig it out.
I remember feeling so sorry for poor Terry who seems to attract most of the flack!
Director Tibor Takacs loves those little ‘demon’-type critters – there’s a monster very similar in his “I, Madman”

12 years ago

I just found out there’s a documentary called The Gatekeepers, about the making of The Gate, released in 2009. Hmmm … sounds interesting.

8 years ago

This was the first movie to scare the hell out of me as a kid. Rewatching it as an adult, I was still impressed by the film overall but I am incredibly ashamed of my child-age self. Not really grown-up scary. Good for nostalgia though. And I love any 80’s reference to the dangers of heavy metal. Pure comedy gold, that is.