The Godsend

A young British family with three kids and a baby meet a creepy pregnant woman in the park. For some reason they allow the obviously oddball preggers dame (ANGELA PLEASENCE, DONALD’s DAUGHTER!!!) to follow them home. Once there she secretly destroys their phone and goes into labor. The next morning they discover the new mother has split the scene like a frat house one night stand and didn’t even bother to take her newborn with her. The family adopts and raises the baby as their own, and the child systematically kills all her siblings in order to get the full attention of the parents. Sounds pretty good huh? Well, it’s not. THE GODSEND has got to be one of the feeblest horror flicks ever made and chronically prunes away any and every possibility for a scare. If you were ever insane enough to fantasize about a G-rated thriller starring Mattel’s discontinued line of “Sunshine Family” dolls, where all the kills occur off screen and where most of the action takes place in gauzily filmed parks where birds chirp non-stop, then your dream and my nightmare has come true. Maybe they were going for a PICNIC AT HANGING ROCK meets SAVANNAH SMILES vibe or something. Whatever the intention was, the outcome, though watchable, is an exercise in cinematic passivity. Tons of interesting themes about sibling rivalry, preferential treatment, mixed families and, most especially, maternal mourning linger on the outskirts but are never allowed entry into this film. I could go along with the absence of blood if there was at least some attempt to delve into anything remotely unpleasant. This is like an Ivory soap commercial where every once in a while someone gets up and walks off screen and you’re told later that they died mysteriously. The little girl who plays the menace (at her oldest) WILHELMINA GREEN, is suitably Nazi-esque and evil looking, but 10,000 close ups of her staring into space like an inbred Persian cat provides little in the chill department. There is a climactic kill near the end involving somebody being pushed out a window but, trust me, it’s too little too late. At some point I realized that there was no kill aggressive enough to save what I had already witnessed and began praying for a nuclear bomb to drop instead. From what I’ve heard, the book THE GODSEND by BERNARD TAYLOR is actually a good read and delves much further into the psychological ramifications of witnessing your entire family wiped out in front of your eyes by some kid who got dumped in your lap. Hopefully, unlike the movie, it’s also brave enough to get its hands a little dirty.

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14 years ago

Never f*ck with Bonnie!

14 years ago

I remember I had a boyfriend who know I liked Horror movies recommend this one to me Back In The Day. He said he saw it as a kid and it scared the Hell out of him. Well,either he was a mamby-pamby sissy boy of a kid or the moie just has aged badly… WAS NOT SCARY! And lets face it, after watching stuff like THE OMEN and THE EXORCIST this G-Rated piffle just wasn’t up to my High Standards (neither was that boyfriend, come to think of it!)
I gave the book the benefit of the doubt (I found it in a thrift store for 5 cents)and read it (last row, second cover art) WHILE I WAS PREGNANT…..which I feel is the Absolute Best Way to enjoy shit like ROSEMARYS BABY and THE GODSEND. For the life of me I cant remember if I “enjoyed” the book or not.

14 years ago

By the way- has anyone SEEN all the movies listed on the right? I’m surprised to say i have never even heard OF SOME OF THEM!
SEYTAN??? (Coincedence that kid looks like a Linda we know? I think not!)

Are any of these actually worth a rent?

14 years ago

What about BLOODY BIRTHDAY? There were some sick lil bastards in THAT one too (Not a great movie though).

PUNKY BREWSTER. Hahahaha! You slay me!

Amanda By Night
14 years ago

This is one of the few movies I sold. I have a very had time parting with my “finds” but you are right, this one is very, very bad.

Bloody Birthday, on the other hand, rules!