The Other

Those Perry twins sure are a handful. When young Niles and Holland (CHRIS & MARTIN UDVARNOKY) aren’t getting into trouble by stealing preserves from Mrs. Rowe, they busy themselves by tormenting fluffy kitties and sneaking into tents at the local carnival. Boys will boys, as their grandmother Ada (UTA HAGEN) is well aware, and she takes a special shine to the congenial twin Niles. Ada teaches young Niles the art of astral projection, or as her people in the old country called it, “The Game.” Meanwhile, folks in and around the Perry family start meeting with the most untimely demises. Cousin Ralph impales himself while playing in the barn, and Mrs. Rowe incurs a fatal heart attack after sitting through a rather unimpressive magic act. The twins’ mother also careens down the stairs headfirst and is rendered mute and paraplegic. And there is the matter of the newborn that goes missing ala the Lindbergh baby. Grandma Ada knows it wasn’t the red-herring handyman, and she knows it could have been only one of the twins. But which one is it…nice Niles or horrible Holland?


  • The “King of the World” landing on the pitchfork
  • Holland’s failed attempt at baptizing a cat in the family wishing well
  • “Holland, where is the baby?”
  • The discovery of the baby
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14 years ago

I loved this one when I saw it back in the seventy’s as a young child. I related to Niles also being blessed with a vivid imagination. My imaginary friend was a beach bum with salty stubble and a pea coat who followed us home from the beach. His name was Quogue. He also could talk a boy into trouble.

14 years ago

This was one of the first Horror movies I saw a kid. It scared me THEN and it scares me now (although I DO own a copy and puncih myself annually by making me watch it!)  The scene that really bothered me? The finger.

13 years ago

I can’t think of too many movies that have an ending as sad, tragic and chilling as this one. The only thing scarier than a disturbed child (remember the finger?) is the idea of the adult he will become. Haunting film.