Traum-mercial Break: Double Feature of Awesome

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mickster (@mickster)
12 years ago

I remember the good old days when you could see cool scary movies late on Saturday nights. There was a local station where I watched tons of old scary movies when I was a kid.

FatherOfTears (@fatheroftears)
12 years ago

I didn’t see much of “The Night Stalker” when I was a kid.  The Christopher Lee “Dracula” movies?  I must have seen them all!!  One of them had one of my 1970’s “on screen crushes”.  Yes, she’s 17 years older than me and she turns 60 next year but Caroline was a hottie!  I also had to have the TV at 4:30 in the afternoon to see the ABC 4:30 movie when ever monster week was on!  Much better on the eyes and ears than “Chiller”! 

Amanda By Night
Amanda By Night (@amanda-by-night)
12 years ago

Oh man, I almost got weepy. What a fine night of TV this sounded like! I love everything about this right down the graphics. How I miss the Movie of the Week and lots of fun scary movies on television.