Hey look! It’s our very first TRAUMAFESSION and it comes from somebody I KNOW saw too many horror flicks as a tot, my very own niece Tiffani!

Chucky and Freddy were by far my worst experiences with horror movies as a child. As a little kid, watching a movie about someone who kills you in your dreams right before you go to bed is probably not a great idea. It makes you want to do one thing… never fall asleep, which is probably a parent’s worst nightmare. Then you have Chucky. How would you feel if you believed your favorite doll was killing your family and babysitters when you weren’t looking and inevitably wanted to use you as a sacrifice? Not a heartwarming thought. As a kid, most movies couldn’t top those two. They made little kids imaginations run wild in a terrible kind of way.

Oh yeah! And you can’t forget PET SEMETARY with the little dead baby, Gage. Especially when he says, ‘I played with Mommy. We had a awfully good time! Now, I want to play with YOU!’ And when he slit the guy’s Achilles… that was awful.

Remember kids, write in so we can post your TRAUMAFESSION and then you can be all cool like Tiffani!

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