Traumafession:: Anthony of Evil Puppets on The Dark Crystal, Gremlins, Teddy Ruxpin & More!


My name is Anthony Sant’Anselmo and I wanted to thank you for the labor of love that is your website. I, too, have yet to put away ‘childish’ things – and it all started with ‘The Dark Crystal‘ back in ’82… But before I delve into that, I should back up about twenty years when my father started a business to make an interactive child’s toy, partnering up with Ken Forsse and Teddy Ruxpin was invented. Of course, it wasn’t until 1985 that it finally came to fruition and was on the shelves just before the holidays. Already having a love of puppetry with ‘The Dark Crystal‘ and ‘Gremlins‘ – it was seeing the killer doll movie craze come forth a couple of years after Teddy’s debut, that I couldn’t turn back and I began making stop-motion animated puppet horror movies. I’m 35 years old now, animate for ‘South Park‘ (a low-tech form of stop-motion puppetry) and I run a traveling exhibit of screen-used and replica puppets from horror movies of yesteryear called, ‘Evil Puppets‘ – with an exhibit that includes Gremlins, Ghoulies, Critters, Trilogy of Terror, Troll, Monkey Shines, Meet the Feebles, Puppet Master and lots more. I have an online shrine (HERE) dedicated to these wonderful pieces, but the facebook page is really where the interactivity is.

We have a show this weekend at Spooky Empire in Orlando – should be a great time.

Just wanted to introduce and say thanks – I’ve gotten a lot of enjoyment from your site.
Anthony Sant’Anselmo

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10 years ago

Evil Puppets looks AMAZING – glad this wasn’t around when I was in grammar school because I would have spontaneously combusted. Would you ever take the exhibit to NYC?? Help a girl out.

10 years ago

Hi, tee5 – thanks for the rad feedback. If ‘Evil Puppets’ were invited to an NYC convention, we would happily attend. We were, however, invited to ‘Rock and Shock’ in Worcester, Massachusetts in 2013. We’d be coming out from Los Angeles, so hopefully, you’ll make the short trek! ~Anthony @ E.P.