TRAUMAFESSIONS :: Christopher Youngblood on Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark

As kids we always see things differently than we do as adults. I remember the film DON’T BE AFRAID OF THE DARK a made for TV horror movie from the 70’s starring KIM DARBY. This was a bit different than most made for television movies because this one was actually scary! Those little creature things SCARED the hell out of me when I was young and they were some smart little bastards as well! I have recently watched this movie again I will admit that it did not have quite the same effect on me as it did when I was a kid. Even still, the creatures (Which I have called Prune Heads for years) are still pretty damn creepy. This film is still the scariest “made for television” movie that I have ever seen.

Christopher Youngblood is a regular contributor over at the always excellent RETRO SLASHERS!

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14 years ago

They certainly don’t make Made-for-TV horror the way they used to! Between this and Trilogy of Terror (I’m sure there’s a tribute to the Zuni doll somewhere on this site!) and This House Possessed (which I’m STILL looking for a DVD of! Come on, ABC!), it was up for grabs every weekend whether the movie you were about to see would ruin you for life.

I rewatched Don’t be Afraid of the Dark last year and enjoyed it, but it’s definitely scarier when you’re a kid. Still, there’s some weird sexual subtext going on between Darby and her husband, which I might go into in my own long review… πŸ™‚