Traumafessions :: Reader Eric S. on the Beautiful Day Monster

In the first season of Sesame Street, a full decade before that re-tard Elmo showed up, JIM HENSON‘s Muppet monsters were decidedly creepier and scarier. Cookie Monster didn’t eat cookies, he just slinked up on Kermit and ate all his props (and almost him!), Grover was a sickly brown-ish green color and spoke in a weird, hushed tone, and there was this big scary green dragon’s head Muppet that popped up suddenly a few times. But most of all, there was this big, tall, bug-eyed, eagle-beaked, fang-toothed, gaping-maw of a monster. He never got a real name (he was named BEAUTIFUL DAY MONSTER by fans) which made him seem even scarier. The other Muppet characters were either scared or downright terrified when he showed up, and so I think, were the kids at home! Plus he spoke in FRANK OZ’s deepest baritone monster voice. Not surprisingly he disappeared from SESAME STREET after the first season, never to return (he showed up once or twice on The Muppet Show with a less frightening design).

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15 years ago

OMG perfect! Lots of the monsters on the show were a bit scary. The wolf Muppet from Kermit reporting on Little Red Ridding Hood was a frightening sight cause he was huge compared to the other Muppets!