TRAUMAFESSIONS :: Reader Joe V. on The World Beyond a.k.a. The Mud Monster

I saw THE WORLD BEYOND A.K.A. THE MUD MONSTER on the later side of puberty, which meant that I actually wanted to sit through it. For some inexplicable reason, the local TV station sometimes programmed this in place of after school cartoons. I would get get home from school, flip on the tube expecting Tom and Jerry, and instead be treated to this claustrophobic, supernatural thriller about a couple pursued through the woods by a creature made from mud and sticks. I remember turning it on to a scene where the guy comes upon a crude man-shape dug out of the earth: the ‘womb’ of the monster. My mom comes into the room and nonchalantly says, “It’s a mud monster. It has a skeleton of sticks”. I remember thinking. “How the fuck does she know that?” The reality of watching this kind of fare in the long, lonesome, post-school hours was terrifying enough, but what really sticks in my head is the scene where the guy is anxiously carrying a bag of anti-mud monster salt through the forest — and he drops it in a puddle, only to watch helplessly as it melts. This was my defining intro to psychological terror. As I remember it, the monster itself didn’t get much screen time.

KINDER UPDATE: For a full review and more pix of THE WORLD BEYOND a.k.a. THE MUD MONSTER look HERE

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