Traumafession:: Leslie G. on The Owl in The Secret of NIMH

Hey all,

Long time reader, first time submitter. I thought of you guys recently when my kids were watching The Secret of NIMH. I had forgotten how frightening the giant owl is in that movie. I remember being terrified of him as a kid. There’s something about those glowing yellow eyes. My children (who are 7 and 9) watched him totally unfazed. I guess they are not scaredy-cats like their mom. What is wrong with them?

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UNK SEZ: Leslie, I love me some SECRET OF NIMH! I agree, that owl is scary and he should be because he’s voiced by horror legend JOHN CARRADINE! I say, you are right and your kids are wrong.

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4 years ago

Both the Great Owl’s eyes and Nicodemus’s eyes scared me as a kid. Just something about glowing/bugged out eyes freaked me out when I was very little. Funnily enough I later developed a crush on Christopher Lloyd and Brad Dourif xD.