Traumafession:: Mackenzie B. on Millennium’s Ceiling Clown


I follow Kindertrauma on a daily basis, this is however the first time I’ve turned to its majesty for answers.

There was a show in the 90s that Chris Carter created called Millennium that starred Lance Henriksen. Great show, great countdown to doomsday mystery sort of thing. There was one episode in particular that frightened me very much. The scene is of a kid’s birthday party, somewhere there is a clown involved. A little girl, probably the birthday girl wanders into the house to look for said clown. She enters the living room and in the far corner the clown is on the ceiling with his makeup altered, either seated or protruding from the wall. I remember him tapping his gloved hands on the ceiling and smiling a diabolical smile. The little girl screams and the show begins.

Does anyone recall this frightening scene? Episode? Online anywhere? Thanks, I’d really like to see this image and know I didn’t dream it. I’m not even that frightened of clowns and it stuck with me. Thanks.

UNK SEZ: Here is the clown you are looking for Mackenzie! Sorry it’s not a better picture but that guy appears in the first season of MILLENNIUM and I only own seasons 2 and 3 so I couldn’t grab a shot myself. The episode in question is entitled “Dead Letters” and it was written by JAMES WONG and GLEN MORGAN. Sadly, I can’t find a clip of it anywhere. Oh well, maybe it’s better that way! Thanks for reminding us of this exceptional show!

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mountain twin
8 years ago

BINGO! There you are, you bent upside-down clown on a ceiling.
Thank you Kindertrauma.
You are an invaluable resource.