Traumafession:: Megatone230 of Mama Minutia on Terror in the Aisles and More!

Hi Kindertrauma,

This is megatone230 from Minnesota. I’ve been an avid follower of your blog since 2007. I love your site and it’s always a great source of inspiration while doing my horror themed collecting and creating artwork. I’ve even submitted a few Traumafessions…hearing about ‘Carrie‘ out on the playground and ‘Siskel & Ebertslasher movie special. I also participated in the send in your own photo Halloween parade.

I would like to bring to your attention my new etsy store called Mama Minutia. I sell horror themed pop art, novelties, and gifts. Specializing in candles, buttons, wall hangings and more. I also do custom pieces by special request. Here’s the LINK if you would like to take a look around at the goodies in Mama’s attic!

I have been interested in horror since I was around 3-5 years old after seeing Bigfoot and Sea Monster documentaries on the TV show ‘In Search Of….’Then in 3rd grade I officially saw my first entire horror film ‘Piranha‘ when it showed on TV… I was hooked. In 5th grade I was completely traumatized after seeing ‘The Shining‘ for the first time when it aired on national television… I begged my family to let us watch… half way through I begged them to shut it off, but they wouldn’t… hahaha

Then in 6th grade I had the ultimate crash course in all things horror with my first ever R-rated movie theater viewing experience ‘Terror in the Aisles‘, the amazing compilation narrated by Donald Pleasence and Nancy Allen. Over the following years I would rent every horror title from the local video shops and scan the HBO and Cinemax schedules for anything horror themed.

UNK SEZ: Thanks Megatone230! We really appreciate your support! And thanks for sharing your etsy shop as well. You make really cool stuff! I especially dig that FLOWERS IN THE ATTIC piece. Folks, Megatone230 has let me know that his shop Mama Minutia is offering a special deal of 20% off for kindertrauma readers on purchases of 5 dollars or more! (Runs until Sept 3, 2013). All you have to do is use the code: kindertrauma0813! How cool is that? Just in time to get your lair looking its creepiest before Halloween!

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8 years ago

Thanks Unk!
Yes, I can’t wait to start decorating the lair for Halloween this year.