Traumafession :: Michelle D. on a Ghost Ship Bus Ride

If you think you’re safe on a bus trip to wherever, think again!

It was a few year ago. Can’t remember how old I was, maybe 23, 24 something like that. Anyway, I was on a bus trip to Kalgoorlie (that’s in Australia) to visit a friend and I was listening to some music on my iPod when I noticed a movie was put on before the bus driver drove away from our last pit stop. Feeling bored, I decided to watch it.

The title opened up saying Ghost Ship, but in a ’70s-like neon style, so because of that, I have no idea that it was going to be a horror movie. Anyway, people are on deck dancing to some singer. A little girl is sitting alone when the captain saw her and asked if she wanted to dance. So they are dancing for a few minutes ’til something snaps violently and a loose razor wire just flies across the deck slashing everyone through the torso! Next they were falling to the ground into bloody pieces!

I starting to feel sick, I was horrified thinking, “WHAT’S GOING ON?!” But then came the final blow…

The girl was safely huddled in the captain’s arms. When she looked up… GASP!!! The wire had slashed through the area above his jaw and was bleeding!!!

I quickly looked away as I knew what would next and all I heard next was the little girl screaming hysterically.

Now I was ready to throw up. Wish I did though as that would of knocked some sense in the bus driver. There could of been little kids on that bus you know!!!

Not only that, but I couldn’t get that image out of my head for days. It was awful. Just goes to show that you don’t have to be a kid to be traumatized.

h, a one last request. You can show images of the movie as I’m okay with that, but please, whatever you do. Please do not put any pictures of that horrible scene I mentioned.

Michelle D.

UNK SEZ: Thanks Michelle! That GHOST SHIP sure is gaining momentum on the trauma-o-meter! As you requested I made sure not to use any images that might cause you a relapse! Folks who desire a closer look at that memorable opening click HERE!

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8 years ago

Bus trip to Kalgoorlie….or to hell?!?!