Traumafession:: Michelle D. on Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Hi gang! Here to share another traumafession with you.

I think I was ten when it happened and I was at that stage where I thought I was old enough to watch whatever my older brother was watching (he’s three years older than me). Anyway, he was watching Terminator 2: Judgment Day and I decided to watch it with him. He didn’t stop me, in fact he didn’t mind me watching it with him at all. The movie seem to be going all right till the scene where to boy is with the terminator and the boy is talking to his mother on a pay phone. The boy seems a bit suspicious of her so the terminator talks to her cleverly disguising his voice. A few minutes later, he hangs up the phone and said “that’s liquid man” Then the next scene… She stabbed a man thought the head with her arm!!! She retracts her arm and morphs back to his normal self. Eep. Even though that terrified me, I continued watching the film but as soon as the liquid silently sneaks up behind a policeman and stabs him in the mouth with his knife like arm, I had enough. Out the room I went!

It affected me quite badly though as I would be in bed at night having trouble going to sleep as I was worried that the liquid man would come into my room and stab me!

Not only that, but a documentary showed that scene with the policeman later that year. Knowing what was going to happen I may a mercy dash out of the room. I think It took me a year to get over being frightened of him

Thank a lot, liquid man! You creep!

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8 years ago

The last picture reminds me of that one glimpse of Hell in Event Horizon where the head is impaled on a spike.