Traumafession:: Reader Rob on Seeing Alien Alone

Just found your site after looking for the Mud Monster– that movie gave me nightmares, literally!

When I was 8 my parents thought it would be a good idea to take me and my brother to see “Alien” in the theater. (They must have thought it was just a space movie or something) Of course, we got there late and each had to sit alone in the packed theater since there were only single seats left!

Somehow I made it through the terrifying movie all by myself, but was so scared that my brother and I slept in the same bed that night! LOL


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The Real Cie
10 years ago

I saw this with my dad when I was 14. It mentally scarred me and changed my life. I loved it! I also loved Aliens, although it was more an action movie than a horror movie.
I wish that face huggers had gotten pretty much everyone involved with Alien 3, though. That was shite, pure and simple. I’ve told my son that on my list of movies that make me homicidally enraged, Alien 3 will always and forever be at the top.

10 years ago

Though I’m a bit young to have any theater-related Alien memories, and was thankfully kept from the movie during my childhood, I would like to commend the above shout-out to the original version of Cracked magazine. I didn’t care that it was essentially another version of Mad, I loved reading that thing.