Traumafession:: Tim from Russia on Little Raccoon & The Thing in the Pool

Hello there, Kindertrauma-keepers!

First of all, I would like to thank you for all the great work you do; your online-storage of children’s fears is a great source for psychological studies and opportunity to have new thrilling experience.

My main traumatizer is the audio performance I had on vinyl, based on L. Moore‘s tale “Little Raccoon & The Thing in the Pool“. It is definitely one of the most disturbing records I’ve ever listened to and it always causes the same effect: my heart aches & I cry involuntarily. Even positive heroes there sound like monsters, music is unbearably scary (just check intro after the first line of the narrator — “Little Raccoon lived in the forest with his mother…”), the atmosphere is full of suspense & latent anxiety.

One of the most unpleasant moments on the record is the conversation between Little Raccoon & Fat Rabbit (6:50 — 7:50); fright in Little Raccoon’s voice and wicked exaltation of Fat Rabbit, accompanied with increscent music. Here’s my free translation of their dialogue:

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Fat Rabbit (FR): And what would you do if he attacks you?
Little Raccoon (LR): Who is “he”?
FR: He is… is just he.
LR: B-b-but… what about you?..
FR: Me? I’d run away. You see my big feet? I’d run away — and that’s it. But you — you are going to Fast Creek… well, well, well — and you are not afraid of him?
LR: Tell me who is “he”, tell me!
FR: He is the thing who sits in the Pool!
LR: Where?
FR: IN THE POOL! HE SITS IN THE POOL! IN THE POOL! I… I am afraid of him myself.

I believe that one day I overcome my fear; maybe, this sharing will help.

Yours respectfully,

Tim (Saint-Petersburg, Russia)

UNK SEZ: Thanks for the wonderful traumafession Tim! I found an animated version of “Little Raccoon & The Thing in the pool“. Check it out!

And it looks like that tale is told in this neck of the woods too. It’s a small (and kindertraumatic) world after all!

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