Traumafession:: Uncle TNUC on Missing Link

I can barely type words on a laptop right now because of the brain explosion I just experienced by finding Kindertrauma. Seriously, what a great site! Anything and everything to do with obscure childhood memories is what TNUC is all about. Yes, TNUC (pronounced "tee-nuk") is the site that i've been running for the past few years. I've turned things I obsessed with in my childhood (or feared) into basically, attempted works of art. That includes music video edits, mixtapes and more. If i'm making no sense so far, please go take a look at the site. By the looks of things around the Kindertrauma camp, i'm sure you'll enjoy the product!

My latest childhood nightmare comes from a little Cro-magnon direct-to-vhs wonder called MISSING LINK (1988). I remember catching this movie late one night on HBO when I was around 10 and it both facinated AND sent shivers down my overalls at the same time. The setting? Africa, 1 million years ago. The star? The last neanderthal on earth. The plot? Watching this Cro-magnon stud walk around Africa day + night, with nothing to do but stare at wildlife and get high (yes, really). I recently turned this movie into a music video edit for one of my favorite artists and friend, Steve Moore. Have a look at the video to get a peek at MISSING LINK!

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10 years ago

+1 for "Missing Link". It is actually a very interesting film. At some point there was a last Australopithecus some where – this film speculates about what his lonely life would have been like. The commentary on "modern man" is depressing but, IMHO, the artistry makes it worth seeing.

10 years ago

Long time fan of this site, really great artwork