Traumafession:: Warren F. on Ed Sullivan and a Gluttonous Muppet

I remember watching The Ed Sullivan Show (or program) on a “black and white” (grey scale) TV with my parents circa “1967”. Ed Sullivan was showing the puppetry talents of Jim Henson and one of his puppet performances was “The Glutton”. This was a very large Muppet operated by Jim that would eat everything in sight incessantly (the “cookie monster” of Sesame Street is a grossly watered down version of this “uncanny valley” mega puppet that Jim created). The glutton was interrupted in his eating by a small flying saucer. The saucer shot a ray at him and made him small. When he was small, a “normal sized” version of him walked into the scene, looked down at him, picked him up, and ate the smaller version of himself… needless to say the 5 year old me ran screaming from the room…

UNK SEZ: Thanks for the traumafession, Warren! Sadly I couldn’t find “The Glutton” on YouTube but I did find a clip of JIM HENSON’s first appearance on THE ED SULLIVAN SHOW, check it out below!

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