Traumafession:: William H. on Tales From The Darkside :: “Inside the Closet”

Like almost all children of the ’80s, I lived for Saturday morning cartoons. Those four or five hours of the week belonged to children everywhere. So why did they show commercials for TALES FROM THE DARK SIDE side during kiddie cartoons!I’ll never forget how terrifying the previews for one show was for me. The episode was titled “Inside the Closet.” The brief glimpse of the show alone left me with numerous sleepless nights and fear of the dreaded closet-thing.I saw the whole episode years later, and I found it laughable–not so when I was eight years old listening to that eerie narrator’s voice asking “What’s in the closet? Is it under the bed?” And the brief clip of some huge-eyed horror shadowed in the closet. I was scared by so many trailers when I was a kid, but this one was THE WORST.

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12 years ago

That episode scarred me for life. For Serious.