Traumafessions :: Bwana Voodoo from Gorillanaut on Invaders From Space

When I was maybe eight or so, I got freaked out by the evil salamander men from the insanely demented Japanese Starman movie INVADERS FROM SPACE. I was alone watching it on the b&w UHF station in New Orleans with the local horror host Guru. He was a freaky hippie-type guy who was otherwise a weatherman. Anyway, the movie is packed with creepy nightmare weirdness, everything from a salamander dance troupe to an especially creepy salamander witch woman who has poison gas breath and a wicked cackle. The witch has a great, extended stalking scene as she chases a little girl through some creepy taxidermist shop full of skeletons and stuffed oddities. Little short pant Japanese kids are in constant peril; one is even dangled over lava. The salamander men (the Koolomonians) have creepy Joker like smiles and are quite acrobatic. I posted their bizarro dance troupe HERE.

UNK SEZ: Thanks Bwana Voodoo! If any of you kids have not visited Bwana at either GORILLANAUT or THE NAKED JUNGLE , you sure are missing out! Both joints are just chock full of cool things. If you are a fan of the PROPHECY bear, giant scary bunnies, BARBI BENTON, the BORN INNOCENT broom stick or even Paul Snider’s Sex bench, you’ll feel right at home at these duel bottomless pits of cultural debris! Go dive in!

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14 years ago

Watched the dance video and gosh, I can hardly believe that a bunch of salamander men could camp it up so well without Bob Fosse or Jerome Robbins to guide them.  Fuck a duck but they are creepy though…

Corey Convex
14 years ago

Wow…and here I thought nothing scares Bwana!

Who knew all it took was some evil Japanese Cirque du soleil lizard-men from space?