TRAUMAFESSIONS :: Reader Chris S. on Candyman

candy man

After seeing CANDYMAN I slept in my parent’s room for months and I was afraid to use the bathroom at night for a long time. I must have seen this movie when I was too young because I thought all of it was real. I really believed he could jump out of the mirror and grab me and I would never be seen again. My parents told me that it was just a movie but I didn’t care what they said. I would always try to pee as fast as I could and run out of the bathroom before he got me.

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14 years ago

when my daughter was in third grade last year all the girls in her class believed in the “Bloody Mary” Legend (which is where that whole CANDYMAN plot stems from, more or less). There was a “rumor” that Bloody Mary was a girl who had died the girls bathroom at the school and appeared in the mirror, popped out and killed you. Because of this NONE of the little girls would use the bathroom at school. As you can imagine this led to a lot of “Guess Who wet Their Pants At School Today?” stories!