Traumafessions :: Reader Eric Z. On Kingdom Of The Spiders

kingdom of the spiders

The cheese-tastic TV movie KINGDOM OF THE SPIDERS (1977), starring famed thespian WILLIAM SHATNER, traumatized me in a way that I was only able to shake after revisiting the source last month. There’s a scene where WOODY STRODE‘s character gets attacked by the spiders as he’s driving his truck, causing him to roll his truck down an embankment. When Sherriff SHATNER and his partner get to the truck and try to open it, STRODE‘s lifeless body flops into frame. Either he’s covered in spiderwebs or the blood’s been sucked from his body. Either way, this image affected me for years to come. I had nightmares of this corpse peeking at me from my bedroom doorway while I was in bed, tiptoeing across the doorway to the other side. I was actually a little scared to watch this clip again as research before I sent you this TRAUMAFESSION. But after revisiting it as an adult, I’ve been able to laugh it off (thank God).

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14 years ago

I watched this movie as an adult (I mean, it has SHATNER in it, what choice did I have?!) and I found it MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER entertaining (un-intentionally funny). I went on a messgae board for it to goof on it and all these people who had seen the flick as kids – and took it very seriously – were so pissed off at me! the thing just seemed so unbelievably funny to me. Theres these little hills that come up to your knee that sprout out of the ground overnight and the one guy says something like “I was looking at one for an hour” (Really? “an hour”? wow – talk about a sleepy town!) and then the big spiders come out and everyone totally freaks out (best scene involves a lady who has a spider on her hand. How does she get it OFF? BY SHOOTING IT! Yes, while it is still ON HER HAND!)
This movie gives NIGHT OF THE LEPUS a run for it’s money in the “OhmyGod, they are HUGE and they are going to ATTACK!” genre.