Traumafessions :: Reader Jessica M. on The Mouse And His Child

What’s glaringly absent from your bucket of kindertrauma fun is a wonderful animated children’s movie entitled THE MOUSE AND HIS CHILD. Oh gosh, how can you lose in a movie about a little wind up mouse and his wind up mouse son going on an adventure to become real and have a family? Oh I don’t know, how about being beaten and whipped by city rats, enslaved in the gutters of the world, and a delightful scene where a toy donkey is torn apart for being a poor worker, screaming for his life as rats pull his limbs off and kill him.

Fun for the whole family. My father made me watch it because he said it was a “quality” children’s story. Only WATERSHIP DOWN is more violent in terms of “delightful cartoons”.

UNK SEZ: Sorry I missed this movie but I do remember reading the book as a kid. Besides all the severe hardships those toy mice went through (Now that I think about it they were sort of like the replicants in BLADE RUNNER searching for a way to wind themselves and take control of their destinies.), I’ll never forget the illustration of a can of dog food that had a picture of a dog carrying another can of the same dog food that had a picture of a smaller dog doing the same, over and over and smaller and smaller presumably until infinity. That head trip freaked me out more than the rats, and I used to stare at it for hours!

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13 years ago

UNK, if you wanna see this movie try YOU TUBE. After hearing about the weird “Dog Food Can” scene I looked on YOU TUBE. The movie was grim….but slow and so I never made it to the end….Or the “Dog Food Can” scene! I’ll give it another shot …. one day.