Traumafessions :: Grimpressions on Heavy Metal Hating Aliens

I was wondering if you could help me find a commercial that I haven’t seen since the ’90s. I think it was an advertisement for a car stereo system. In the beginning of the ad you see the inside of an alien spaceship with a couple of aliens looking down on Earth. One of them says something like, “This is Earth which is home to humans, a friendly race.”

Next we’re on Earth on a country road and a guy pops a CD into his stereo. He cranks up the volume of a death metal song that has a guy screaming, “DESTROY! DESTROY!! DESTROY YOU!!!” The song is so loud that the aliens can hear it from space. They are offended and now sense that humans are a hostile species instead. They lock a target on Earth and blast it away. I’m not sure if it actually showed the planet exploding or it just showed the logo of the product being advertised.

It greatly impacted me because it introduced me to the idea that music could be used to offend and anger others as well as have a cathartic effect on the listener. I went on to order a bunch of GWAR and Slayer albums from my Mom’s Columbia House ordering catalog. I eventually started listening to death metal, black metal, or any kind of aggressive, loud, or fast music I could find.

My Wife, Step-son, and I were looking up funny commercials on YouTube one night when I told her to try to find it. We had no luck. All we found was the black and white Pioneer car stereo commercial where it shows the guy listening to his metal so loud that it’s shacking the entire bridge that his car is sitting on.

Also, I’m in the midst of making a documentary about painting and I was hoping you post this preview of it….


Phil Mertz of Grimpressions

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Philip Mertz
10 years ago

Thanks for your compliments and thanks for posting my video!!! I’m hoping to do another convention this year, but it depends on if I get some money together to get a table.

Brian Katcher
10 years ago

I totally remember that from college. The alien was receiving a message from SETI, some message of peace and friendship. The alien smiles. Then the guy drives by the SETI dishes and the alien gets the message of DESTROY! The commercial ends with the alien, shaking because of the heavy metal broadcast, trying to fix earth in some weapon crosshairs.

No idea what the commercial was for. I think it was in 1995 or 96.

Tim Melican
10 years ago

I too, have been searching for this commercial. I thought it was an AIWA commercial but, as time passes, my memory of this becomes more fuzzy. Please let me know s soon as you find footage of this commercial… thanks!

Rollie Hatch
9 years ago

I don’t remember the actual commercial, but I definitely remember the “Destroy! Destroy!” part. Any time someone says the word “destroy,” that song triggers in my head but I never had any idea where it came from.

It could have possibly been a Philips commercial, as they were unafraid of using crazy music in their spots. They are the ones that had the Death Metal version of “Let me call you sweetheart” in their commercial in the 90s.

Rollie Hatch
9 years ago

Nevermind all that… I found it!

Philip Mertz
9 years ago

AWESOME!!! Thanks Rollie! It looks like somebody just posted it to youtube in April. My kids woke me up way too early this morning so I decided to search through KT’s archives. What a pleasant surprise!

This is my favorite commercial of all time. It got me into Metal! I was definitely listening to mainly Rap and Alternative before I saw it back in the day.

Never underestimate the magic of Kindertrauma!!!