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As a child growing up in Australia during the late ’70s and early ’80s, I suckled on the teat that is bad US sitcoms. MORK & MINDY, GILLIGAN’S ISLAND, THREE’S COMPANY… and later… SMALL WONDER, SILVER SPOONS and JENNIFER SLEPT HERE. Normally these shows weren’t scary, just frighteningly camp. However, one episode of a TV classic did haunt me when I originally saw it and for years later.

During its second season, HAPPY DAYS filmed a Halloween episode called ‘Haunted‘. It involved Richie scouting the old Simpson house with Joanie to determine its suitability for a Ralph-hosted party. Inside the house, Richie claims to have seen a headless body in the closet. The talk amongst the kids is old Lady Simpson was beheaded and if you go into the house, she will behead you too. After allowing Howard to convince him to go to the party, Richie is humiliated in front of everyone when he freaks out when a Ralph prank catches him off-guard. As they are all laughing, a headless woman starts floating down the stairs. I don’t know why this scared me so much, but I was convinced this was how I was to meet my demise. Richie finds the courage to unmask the headless horror and the viewer is shown the culprit to be Bag of the Demons.Another equally horrifying occurrence from this episode involves TOM BOSLEY as Howard asking a young boy for a kiss after handing him some Halloween candy?!?!

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14 years ago

It is so funny to read this because my husband and I watched this episode two nights ago. He shared a story about being so frightened of this episode as a child that he hid behind the couch in terror.