TRAUMAFESSIONS :: Reader Mikey on Unsolved Mysteries

When I was really young, my mom used to watch that show UNSOLVED MYSTERIES and every damn time the theme song started playing, I would completely freak out and cry like a maniac, begging her to change the channel. It wasn’t even the show itself that scared me because I never actually watched any of the episodes at that point. It was just that stupid song that gave me nightmares. At this age, I had already been watching plenty of horror movies and loved them so I don’t know why this particular song had that kind of affect on me.

Eventually I ended up catching the middle of an episode one night and unwillingly got hooked by the creepiness about a haunted house. When a ghost inevitably appeared and frightened a little boy, my dumb child mind randomly thought the ghost was Jesus (I guess because I was already scared of Him to begin with) and it totally traumatized me. From then on, I developed an intense fear of Jesus and would stay up nights thinking that he might come visit me while I slept. I even had a panic attack while at church a few years later for a relative’s baptism. To this day, I still feel uneasy just thinking about him.

Believe it or not, I’m a really sweet person and I don’t worship the devil. I’m NOT the antichrist, as this would suggest. Well, at least I don’t think I am…

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15 years ago

I too have been scared for life by the theme song to Unsolved Mysteries. I am 33 and still to this day whenever I pass it while channel surfing it gives me a cold chill. The show it’s self if not all that creepy and I never developed a Jesus phobia….but I can surely see how it is possible, with Pat Roberts and all.

Tales from the Darkside also have one of the more spooky themes out there.