TRAUMAFESSIONS :: Reader Paul on “Raiders”

I came out of the womb loving horror movies. As a kid I was obsessed with FRANKENSTEIN,THE WOLF MAN and all the Universal monsters. I used to build Aurora models with my dad and was an avid reader of FAMOUS MONSTERS. My parents had every reason to believe I could handle the action adventure movie RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK. For the most part they were right, I loved the snakes, the rotting skeletons, everything until the finale. When the ark was finally opened and the everyone’s faces began melting and exploding, I realized I was in way over my head. I covered my eyes but the damage was done. Not only was I terrified but I actually felt like my own head had exploded. That night I couldn’t sleep and I ended up melting the face of one of my Frankenstein models with a bic lighter just see what it would look like.

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