Traumafessions :: Reader Bernd M. on Alf ep. “La Cucaracha”


ALF. An innocent comedy show from the ‘80s?


The 25th episode of the first season “La Cucaracha” was frightening beyond imagination.

The story: Alf finds slimeballs in his spaceship and in the package was a cockroach
from Melmac. Its reaction to our insecticides is not death, it starts growing. The Tanner family leaves the house to get more potent insecticides and Alf is alone and defenseless
with the giant cockroach.

The cockroach chases the scared Alf through the house, and the end fight in the bathroom is the soul shattering climax. No escape, no mercy.

You never see the giant cockroach completely, only its giant antennae and legs.

The Cockroach is unstoppable; and Alf is totally terrified.

Very disturbing for a harmless comedy show.

I never forget this episode. It scarred my life forever.

UNK SEZ: Speaking of ALF abuse, what is not to love about the painting below (“We Can Has A.L.F.?”) by artist CASEY WELDON?

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