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Traumafessions :: Reader Smidget on Beneath the Planet of the Apes

September 7th, 2009 by aunt john · 3 Comments

Another terrifying moment for me….and you can just ignore this if you want, I am not sure of the limit on these traumas, because today, I am a huge horror fan who usually never has to look away (unless we’re in today’s “horror” with human torture, just not my thing)….but anyway, I was not as brave or as into it as a kid. The moment is when the humans take off their masks in BENEATH THE PLANET OF THE APES and reveal the mutations.


I was so so so afraid of that, it practically killed me. But I loved that series of movies so much and still do.

Not so much a scare, but an indelible chill up my spine forever and still today is the closing scene of the original PLANET OF THE APES……damn you all to hell….if you were watching that as a kid and seeing it for the first time without knowing what was coming, it was clearly the fondest trauma I’ve ever had.

UNK SEZ: Thanks for the traumafessions Smidget and don’t worry, here at kindertrauma, just as in real life, there is no limit to the number of traumas you can have!

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11 years ago

OH THANKS for posting my things. I appreciate it so much! YAY.

11 years ago

My “Planet of the Apes” trauma was “Conquest of the Planet of the Apes”.  It was the scene where Ceasar was strapped to the table and forced to speak through electrocution torture.  I found that very un-nerving to watch as a kid.  BTW, to ease the pain of “Beneath” try to watch some of the early episodes of MST3K season 8.  They spoof “Beneath” in some of the host segments.

11 years ago

Oh yeah, and the lead up to it – the twisted take on the christian creed with Leonard Rosenman’s absolutely wack avant-whatsis vocal score.  “I reveal my innermost self.”  YOW!  I did NOT want to see Victor Buono doing that.