Traumafessions :: Reader Carol McM. on The Gluts from “Fun With the Environment”

I’m probably gonna drive you guys crazy – but I just can’t stop!

O.K. – here is a book trauma from my youth. There was this environment coloring and activity book that was handed out to grade school kids in the ’70s – “Fun With the Environment.” If I remember right the publication date was 1974. I grew up in Portland, OR – so I don’t know if they had it all over the country or just on the west coast.

As you can see I took full advantage of the coloring action. Anyway – it was all about how we can do all these things to help the environment like not litter and conserve water and ride bikes – but then there was this whole comic strip type thing with a family called “The Gluts.” Their freaky green blob heads totally creeped me out, and the creepiest part was the freakishly weird angle their heads were at. Like their heads were chopped off and then placed back on at a different degree – not unlike THE EXORCIST head-turn dealie.

These freaky glut people didn’t really stick in my mind as I grew up – but I found this book in some old school stuff and it all came rushing back! Maybe that’s why I am so good about recycling now-a-days – it’s ‘cuz I’m afraid I’m gonna see one of those freaky-headed gluts rummaging around in my trash can.

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Editor B
5 years ago

Oh wow. Yes, I remember this book (and the Glut family) so vividly from my childhood. I grew up in Greenwood, IN, so it wasn’t just west coast.