Traumafessions :: Reader Cooch138 on ‘WAY OUT ep. “Side Show”

I was ten during the summer of 1961.

There was a TV show called ‘WAY OUT, a sort of take off on THE TWILIGHT ZONE and OUTER LIMITS. There was an episode about a man who visits a sideshow featuring all kinds of weird displays, such as the fish that changes color-every other month, and a severed woman’s head. Stuff like that. The highlight of the sideshow was a woman, chained to a chair with a light bulb for a head. The man stays after the show and the light bulb woman, Cassandra, begins talking to him. As the show progresses he falls in love with her and she convinces him to free her from her chains so they could run away together.

In the final scene, you see a woman in a flowing gown. Her back is to the audience. She is standing in front of the sideshow display, only this time it is a man’s body with the light bulb head chained to the chair. She is speaking lovingly to the guy. She turns to face the camera, the severed head has been crudely sewn to her body! The male protagonist obviously having been killed by Cassandra and now has assumed her dreaded spot in the sideshow chair.

The jolt of this final scene haunted me for years.

I only overcame it in grad school when I dated a girl named… Cassandra.

UNK SEZ: Cooch138, thanks for bringing up this show. I had no idea of its existence until you mentioned it. ‘WAY OUT aired in 1961 on Saturday nights and lasted for 14 episodes. It was hosted by ROALD DAHL, the mind behind Kindertrauma legends THE WITCHES, CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY and many, many others. As of yet, the series has not found its way onto DVD. You can be sure if it ever does, we’ll be covering it on these pages once again.

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14 years ago

If Roald Dahl is involved it must be good and creepy. There was a series based on his short stories in the late 70’s to early 80’s called Tales of the Unexpected. I have just purchased the first set and it hasn’t arrived yet. I bought it because of the version of “The Landlady” and “Lamb to the Slaughter” that are included. I use those short stories during the month of October in the classroom. If these are good, I will be able to show them along with reading the stories.