Traumafessions :: Reader Cousin Id on Yellow Submarine

I remember when YELLOW SUBMARINE was aired on national television in the early-to-mid 1970s. When they were in the Sea of Monsters and the vacuum-nosed monster started to suck everything up it’s nose, I hid behind a big chair because I didn’t want it to suck me up too. All was better when it sucked itself into oblivion.

Cousin Id

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lee w.
lee w. (@lee-w)
10 years ago

I remember watching it on television in the 70’s, too. I had nightmares about that head Blue Meanie and his damn Glove!

Apocalypsejunkie (@apocalypsejunkie)
10 years ago

That whole movie freaked me out then and it still does today :-0

Joanna Boese
Joanna Boese (@fb1205346092)
10 years ago

I sadly have never seen this film…and pretty bummed that-

1. It’s not on DVD
2. The Mo-Cap redo is still trying to find a studio (Can you imagine how that’d look in CGI? Even more freaky, me thinks)

Asat (@asat)
10 years ago

BETTER?! Jeez, the existential paradox of self-destruction caused me as much (if not more) kindertrauma as the vacuum monster itself.

For a purely terrifying vacuum monster, I have to cite the one from “The Pylon Express” episode of Land of the Lost. Jeez, a clip of that thing still makes my blood run cold. Alas, it is overshadowed by the numinous discomfort of the simple words “HOLLY DON’T”.

Mmmm, that would make a swell band name or a tattoo….