Traumafessions :: Reader Darius W. on the Orange Singing Bizet’s “Carmen” on Sesame Street

This used to scare me to death. I have no idea what is was about it. Maybe when the face flies off. All I know is that for years, every time I thought about it I got a little scared.

AUNT JOHN SEZ: To read more by Darius, please see ADVENTURES IN NERDLINESS (Major props for the babes of DR. WHO banner!)

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13 years ago

I was thinking about this not long ago, but I couldn’t remember if it was from Sesame Street, The Electric Company, or Captain Kangaroo. Prof.VW doesn’t remember it so it must be from the mid-seventies. I thought it was a grapefruit instead of an orange.

13 years ago

Oh for the good old days of Sesame Street.