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One movie that really scared the crap out of me when I was very young was CARRIE. This one I remember the most. I was about six and watched it with my sister. The part that freaked me out was the scene where she has pigs blood dumped on her during her moment of bliss. The insane look on her blood covered face before and during wiping out the entire school. The ruthless way she used her psychic powers to off everyone. That part was pretty intense for a six year old.

Thanks Dogboy, you’re certainly not alone. You’ve brought up one of the most enduring images in all of modern horror. You also got me thinking: isn’t it especially horrific because it’s pigs blood? Well, I guess there is really no kind of blood you would want dumped on your head at your prom, but pigs blood just seems especially disgusting. In fact, pigs have snorted their way into some of the creepiest scenes ever. Don’t believe me? Take a look…. 

In 1981’s EVIL SPEAK, RON HOWARD‘s more talented brother CLINT HOWARD took a cue from Carrie White and decided to demolish all the jerks who were poking fun at him. He didn’t have any telekinetic powers, so he contacted Satan through his computer and viola! Giant hogs from hell rose up from the church floor and ate everybody. Good times!
Holy crap. Do you remember that little girl in THE AMITYVILLE HORROR was best friends with a demonic pig named Jody? Everybody thought she was full of it, ’till the night her psycho father JAMES BROLIN looked up and saw the porcine poltergeist winking at him with a glowy red eyeball! In the remake they made Jody into your typical ghost girl. Dumb idea, nothing is scarier than a pig.
If a simple pig is not scary enough, how about one with a chainsaw? Actually, that’s really Farmer Vincent from MOTEL HELL wearing a pig head as a mask which is even worse, now that I think about it. That shit ain’t kosher!
Yikes! This is my all time least favorite. It’s from the 1972 movie ALICE’S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND which they were awful enough to show on T.V. every five seconds when I was little. In the movie, Alice rescues a baby from being beaten to death and then, as a thank you, it turns into a pig! To be honest, I think I would usually prefer a pig to a baby, but this one was ugly as hell, just look at it! In that same deadly year of 1972 there was even a movie called PIGS (a.k.a DADDY’S DEADLY DARLING), but I refuse to grant it infamy by including it on this list because every time I tried to watch it on ELVIRA, it made me fall asleep.
Dear readers if you can think of anymore scary pigs please throw them into that troff we call the comments section so I can be sure to avoid them at all costs! 

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14 years ago

Not so ‘I’m going to cut you’ scary as some of the swine mentioned above, but creepy pigs exist in the animation classic Spirited Away.

Chihiro’s parents are turned into giant hogs due to the fact they ate food prepared for spirits. I can see how this would traumatise young viewers. I was delighted by the scene myself…

Professor Von Whiskersen
Professor Von Whiskersen
14 years ago

If I were to list my top ten Traumas from when I was a Kinder, Evil Speak would be number one. This is the movie that made me (at age 7, or so) cry, alone in my bed after seeing it. If you’ve seen the movie, you can probably guess which part kicked my heart in the nuts. If you haven’t seen it, I’ll just say one word: “puppy”

I could never remember the name of the movie, and for years I alternated between curiosity about what the movie I had seen was named, and a desire to purge any memory of it. Well congratulations Kindertrauma, now I remember! Your destiny has been fulfilled. No need to post any more! Nothing left for me to do, but disremember it.

I’m going to go give my cat a hug now

14 years ago

Oh, man, I almost sent you a Traumafession on the “Jody” scenes from Amityville! For my money the scariest moment in the whole dam movie is when the little girl is talking to Jody at the (upstairs) window, and Mom comes in thinking it’s just her “imaginary friend.” Then Mom goes to the window, glances out, and BOOM! Two little red piggy eyes and a horrifying squeeeeeeeal! YIKES!

Even today when I rewatch the flick, KNOWING the scene is coming, it still raises the hairs on the back of my neck and necessitates an immediate potty break! And such a simple effect too–you know it was just a board with two Christmas lights attached, but DAMN if it doesn’t get me every time. Just goes to show, sometimes simpler is better!

And how could you leave out a literary trauma, the evil “talking” pig’s head from LORD OF THE FLIES?