Traumafessions :: Reader Errico on Space 1999 ep. “Force of Life”

Another trauma of mine, although a minor one, was an episode of SPACE 1999. One might wonder what could be scary in a dated-looking 70’s style family sci-fi series? Well, the episode “Force of Life” has an alien entity that feeds on “energy” taking the body of one of the characters. The man now “possessed” starts absorbing energy from lights and small plants just by touching them but soon grows greedier and the first human victims are found frozen, all the heat absorbed from their bodies.

Near the end the need for more energy forces the villain into the nuclear reactor in which he will literally burn becoming a slow moving black crispy monster with glowing creepy eyes. Well that was a pretty scary show for the audience (kids mostly), and for that time.

I can’t call this a major trauma, it didn’t leave permanent damages but it’s something that stuck in my mind. As a matter of fact when I was a kid I dreamt of this black-burnt man with glowing eyes chasing me around like a zombie.

UNK SEZ: Thanks Errico, you can find more SPACE 1999 trauma HERE!

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13 years ago

Well, I can easily see how the fried space zombie would trauma a little kid.

Brother Bill
13 years ago

I used to love Space 1999…  can anyone help me identify the episode where there are some aliens that look like normal humans, except some crew members are able to glimpse through their disguise, and they’re really these hideous, haystack looking things with a big ugly eye. It was very creepy because only some people could see how they really looked, and they were standing around on the ship talking with other crewmembers who were oblivious.

Hail Ants
Hail Ants
12 years ago

Why did they dub ‘Requiem for a Tower’ over it? And is that Ian McShane!?