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Traumafessions :: Reader Gordon P. on the Dr. Dolittle Taking Doll

February 23rd, 2009 by aunt john · 5 Comments

I haven’t seen this mentioned here before, so I would like to tell you how traumatic the Dr. Dolittle talking doll was for me. It was issued in 1967, by Mattel I believe, to tie in with the film of the same name starring REX HARRISON. In 1967 I was three.

I don’t know if I had even seen the movie, but somehow I knew I wanted a talking Pushmi-Pullyu doll (the furry, cute, two-headed llama from the film). My mother, in her generous nature, told my grandmother that this could be her gift to me for Christmas; so my grandmother was to get me the Pushmi-Pullyu and make me a happy child. My mother should have known better. My grandmother was notorious for completely messing up her gift-giving (going back to wind-up swing she was supposed to get me as a toddler, which I never got, which also traumatized me, but that is another story). Needless to say, Grandma bought me a talking Dr. Dolittle doll instead. When I opened the box, and saw that evil looking plastic grin, I let out a scream, burst into tears, and threw it on the floor. This creepy thing makes the evil clown doll from POLTERGEIST look friendly. I NEVER wanted to see it again.

However, the story gets worse. Did my parents get rid of this Devil Doll? Are you kidding? Not a chance. This damned doll moved with us TWICE. Each new house we moved into, the doll had to be hidden away so I wouldn’t have to look at it. I finally was able to convince my cousin to take it off my hands when I was about 11 (I am not sure what he did with it, but hopefully it involved gasoline and matches). Why didn’t my parents give it away, or toss it? I am convinced it was some sort of parental plot to keep me in line: “Behave or Dr. Dolittle will get you while you sleep.” Shudder. Even now at 44.

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Amanda By Night
11 years ago

I don’t remember this doll, but I’m freaking out just looking at the pictures!

I also had/have a doll issue. My godmother used to make me these little dolls that kind of terrified me. I’d kind of futz with them, something I regret now, because they scared me. I’d do things to their hair and stuff.

11 years ago

As freaky as that is, I probably would’ve wanted it if I’d known about it – that movie rocked so hard for me as a youngster!

On a semi-related note, as I was falling asleep last night this popped into my head: Soylent Green toys.  Talking Charton Heston figure with futuristic neckerchief; E.G. Robinson figure with suicide booth playset (sold separately); riot truck with collapsible assassin figure you can really squish!  

Aunt & Uncle, take it away!

11 years ago

So I guess you never pulled the string, then? 🙂

Oh Well
Oh Well
11 years ago

I too had a Dr. DoLittle Doll. I hated it. It wasn’t Hot Wheels or GI Joe. I was also a little creeped out by him. He is how we (My cousin Johnny and I) killed him. MuHaaaa!  First we swung him around like a sling by his little talking string, hurling him up into the air and letting him crash down in the yard. Whe that faild to do him in, we tied a rope around his neck and dragged him behind my Schwinn Orange Krate until we pulled his head off and pulled out his little plastic talking voice box. I can still see him as vivid as yesterday, bouncing down the road with his little black top hat on. He was tough little buggar but after a a few hours it was over.

3 years ago

Did you ever get the Pushmi-Pullyu?