TRAUMAFESSIONS :: Reader Ian on the Kindertrauma Channel

Have you checked out the Kindertrauma Channel yet? What are you waiting for an invitation? Well, here it is: We invite you to check out the Kindertrauma Channel. You’ll find stuff you’ll wish you hadn’t like reader Ian here, who was re-traumatized when he stumbled upon the trailer for IT’S ALIVE

I nearly shat myself with evil old memories when I saw the movie trailers on the KINDERTRAUMA CHANNEL! The worst offender has got to be IT’S ALIVE. LARRY COHEN is in need of serious psychiatric help. I remember the first time I saw that trailer…I was 11 years old, May 1977, on an afternoon after I’d just got home from school. My mother kept going “what the hell is that?” I was so freaked out she had to dose me with NyQuil just to sleep…my school attendance improved markedly because I didn’t want to see that trailer! Now, at 42, I still can’t bring myself to look at pix from that movie…and I’m bloody dreading when the trailer for the remake hits TV… I thought I was the only one who got warped by these trailers…

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