Traumafessions :: Reader Ian on The Mod Squad

In THE MOD SQUAD episode “Twinkle Twinkle Little Starlet,” pretty little Julie Barnes is used as bait to catch someone who uses silk scarves to strangle blond girls who get to close to a talk show host. When Julie finds herself alone in the woods with the strangler she reaches into his vest pocket thinking it’s a hankie, instead she pulls out a scarf and sees it’s like the ones that the strangler used on the other girls. She is frozen in fear, and my heart was pounding feeling her fear too. I was between 8 and 11.

UNK SEZ: Thanks Ian for turning me on to this creepy and obviously very groovy episode of THE MOD SQUAD. I tracked down a very informative post on just this episode at a great site called MOON IN THE GUTTER,
you can check that out HERE!

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13 years ago

As a kid, I was creeped out by the opening title sequence:

Each of the Mod Squad-ers exhausted, disheveled, running through those wet, dark catacombs…

But running from what, my little mind asked…from WHAT???

13 years ago

There was one episode that I saw as a child that I found disturbing.  Linc Hayes was kidnapped (weren’t they all at some point?) and his captor had him strapped in a chair that had a current in it and the guy kept electrocuting poor Linc!  Linc did grab the guy while being  jolted which helped him escape BTW!