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Traumafessions :: Reader Jen P. on Alice in Wonderland (1985)

April 14th, 2009 by aunt john · 3 Comments

Here’s a good one for you guys! You know what scared the daylights out of me as a kid, and still today? The 1985 made-for-TV version of ALICE IN WONDERLAND, the one with all the celebrities. It was a great movie for kids! Minus the rather disturbing cameo by CAROL CHANNING, wherein she sings about jam and convulses, and even more frighteningly, when she just fucking loses it:

But, come the funk on, people. The movie was appropriate until you took the famed Jabberwocky, the dragon of Wonderland, and SENT IT BACK INTO REAL LIFE IN ALICE’S FREAKING LIVING ROOM. She thinks she’s gone back home, and when she gets there, the house is empty. She sees her parents and her cat on the other side of the mirror, and of course, they can’t see her. and she starts to read “Jabberwocky,” and scary ‘effing music plays, and a giant monster comes into the room!

And if you thought that would be the fortunate end of the Jabberwocky, of course not. He appears yet again as soon as Alice is crowned Queen in Wonderland…this time, in the presence of nutjob CAROL CHANNING. TERRIFYING!

Oh hell, this is STILL my Kindertrauma.

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Dylan Donnie-Duke
Dylan Donnie-Duke
11 years ago

Ha!  I remember watching this!  She gets the most out of her A, E, I, O, U’s and even the occasional, unlucky Y.  Nobody works a vowel like Ms. Channing.  There is a really good version of Alice with Kate Beckinsale, believe it or not,  Not a Channing in sight.

11 years ago

This is absolutely terrifying.  Carol Channing bleating has taken about a year off my life.  And is that Naomi Judd with her in that grotesque “you’ve got a present scene?”

11 years ago

Oh, wow, I remember being traumatized by this too. It was years before I realized that “Jabberwocky” was actually a pretty silly poem, because I always associated it with that demon-beast. And that chase goes on almost gratuitously long, doesn’t it?