Traumafessions :: Reader Jennifer F. on The Exorcist, Fright Night and Magic Trailer

Hey, I found your site during a search for the movie CHILD OF GLASS, which in combination with everything else on this site, seemed like a strange connection, because I loved that movie, but I was 11 for that one. I saw your request for emails about what “scarred” me for life and there were 3 things that came to mind although the first one gets the “for life” honors:

THE EXORCIST. Seriously I can barely look at clips of it even. So that’s #1.

The other 2 things were I believe, one, from the introduction of FRIGHT NIGHT. It was a TV series on at 4 or 5 in the afternoon, and the introduction was from this floating head that spoke to you in the beginning of each episode and at the end I think, and then faded off into the background.

The other was some ventriloquist dummy that was the commercial for some movie in the theaters at the time (probably in the ’70s) but don’t remember which movie it was supposed to be. Just remember having to change the channel or leave the room every time it came on.

Ironic thing is I love scary movies. No possession movies though…hmmm. Thank you LINDA BLAIR. Like the site though. Wished I’d found you on Halloween!

Jennifer F.

UNK SEZ: Thanks Jennifer F! I’m not sure if I have found the right clip for the TV show FRIGHT NIGHT. Could it be the one below? Does anyone out there remember the floating head Jennifer is looking for?

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10 years ago

um…that pazuzu/fats image is just plain freaky. good job on creating an adult-trauma for me!

7 years ago

There were about half a dozen movie tv spots that I remember particularly scaring me as a kid, and “Magic” and “The Exorcist” were two of them. Thanks for the memory…and, yes, the Exorcist/Magic hybrid picture is perfectly freaky.